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Step by step: eight angled pose or astavakrasana

Olivia Marley

I've had some requests from students for content to help them practice at home some of the poses we tackle in class. So after posting a picture of this posture on my Instagram, here's our first instalment: my step by step guide to lift off in astavakrasana or eight angled pose 🚀

1. Start sitting cross legged. Bring your right shin so it's parallel to the floor. Take hold of either side of your right foot and draw your right knee back towards the wall behind you (photo 1) 

2. Take your right arm underneath your right shin, then take a couple of goes to get that leg as high up on your arm as you can. Squeeze your right leg into your right arm strongly, otherwise it'll slide down when you move your hands. Place your hands on the floor either side of you (photo 2- comedy facial expression optional)

3. Lift your left leg and hook your left ankle on top of your right. Squeeze your legs tightly together on to your arm (photo 3)

4. Keep your elbows stacked over your wrists, but bend your elbows so that your chest moves forward and your hips slide back. If sliding your hips back while on your sticky mat is difficult, trying coming off your mat on to a more slippery surface like a wooden floor. Squeeze your legs together at the same as extending them away from you (photo 4) 

5. Engage your core muscles. Keep your elbows bent and chest but lift your hips off the floor, while squeezing your legs together and lengthening them away from you (tip: elbows must bend- don't try and pick yourself up by straightening your arms!) (photo 5) 

And now try on the other side! Hope this helps- if you have any questions please just leave us a comment or send me a message!