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About Olivia

Olivia takes a modern and science based approach to yoga. Expect clear instructions and a logical approach to postures that might on the surface seem complicated. You will also learn to work with the anatomy and needs of your own body to help you get the most out of each class with us. 

Olivia holds the most advanced teaching certification offered by Yoga Alliance. She has completed 500 hours of training in vinyasa flow with Jason Crandell, who was named “one of the teachers shaping the future of yoga” by Yoga Journal. She has also completed a further 200 hours of training with Bridget Woods Kramer of the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga, one of the UK’s most experienced and well respected yoga teachers, plus shorter trainings in areas such as yoga therapeutics. Olivia's classes are light hearted and open to all, while still being challenging and maintaining a strong focus on correct alignment of the body.

Olivia was originally drawn to yoga for the benefits to her physical fitness. As someone who generally tried to skive off PE at school, she was dragged along by her mum after complaining of back pain. She knew it was definitely having an effect on her body when after three months the lower back discomfort had subsided and she managed to touch her toes with straight legs for the first time.

Since that time she has seen her strength, flexibility and balance all improve steadily. She has also found her yoga practice helps her deal more effectively with the stresses of city life, providing her both with the ability to keep stress levels to a minimum and also with skills to remain calm when unavoidable work or personal life pressures arise. With a working background in the law, Olivia understands the needs of busy city workers and can tailor her teaching to suit her students.Classes can be flowing and energetic or more steady and grounding depending on the needs of the students. Learn more about the different types of yoga classes on offer. 

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