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Anatomy for yoga trainings

Looking for an anatomy teacher for your 200 hour teacher training?

Olivia is continually curious about the amazing human body and how it works. She currently leads the anatomy and physiology segment of the 3Tribes 200 hour YTT, as well as running standalone anatomy for yoga workshops.


What would Olivia bring to your training?

The course outline Olivia has developed works methodically up the body from the ground up. Her approach focuses more on helping students to see the patterns and logic behind how the body works so that they feel empowered to apply their learning to situations they will face in class, and less on asking people to memorise lists of Latin names of body parts. Students will learn to appreciate and work with the anatomy and needs of their individual bodies to help them advance their own practice. They will also begin to recognise how different body types can appear in different yoga postures, and so the variations they might expect to see in their own future students. Olivia is approachable, down to earth and fun, and brings that to her anatomy teaching. Most importantly, as a yoga teacher herself, Olivia’s anatomy teaching is always applied to asana and how to make trainees more effective and intelligent teachers. We can provide a clearly written and easy to follow anatomy manual for students.

Olivia can fit her anatomy training into however your YTT is set up. However, one format we have found works particularly well is running sessions of 2-2.5 hours: this allows for a 60 or 90 minute lecture on anatomy, plus a 60 minute asana practice designed to enable trainees to feel what they have just learnt in their own bodies. Feedback from students is that combining this mental and physical learning helps them to cement their understanding, and to appreciate how anatomical teaching can be weaved into an asana class.

What is Olivia’s background?

Before transitioning to teaching yoga full time, Olivia worked in legal services for 10 years. Her last few years in the legal sector were spent in public bodies producing content about law that was designed to be read by the general public. This gave her a thorough grounding in taking complicated (and sometimes admittedly dry!) subjects and making them understandable and easy to digest.


Olivia is registered as a E-RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance International. She has trained extensively with Jason Crandell and Bridget Woods Kramer, plus undertaking more focused trainings in areas such as yoga for athletes, injury prevention and yoga therapeutics. She has also broadened her training in anatomy beyond the yoga world: Olivia is a certified Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist. She has also completed 50 hours of undergraduate level anatomy training with Complete Anatomy from 34D Medical and has trained with Immaculate Dissection.

To discuss anatomy teaching for your yoga training get in touch with Olivia here.

Olivia was an amazing anatomy YTTC teacher. Not only is her teaching down-to-earth and non-dogmatic, it is also just fun and interactive. Each hour of theory was followed by a practice which put into a real life context what we had just studied. I was worried I would have to learn by heart thousands of Latin names, instead I was left with a clear understanding of how and why the different body parts are shaped the way they are, how they interact with the rest of the body and how they might differ from one person to the next. It really informed the way I am looking at and adjusting poses on different students now.
— Marie, 3Tribes 2019 YTT graduate
Thank you for your chilled, real, funny, warm approach to everything
— 3Tribes 2019 YTT graduate
Thanks Olivia for teaching me stuff that I never in a million years thought I could learn (I really should have paid more attention in Biology!). And for your support and encouragement. Much love
— 3Tribes YTT 2019 graduate