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Some lovely words from lovely people:

As I embark on the seemingly impossible task of trying to replace Olivia Marley, I realise just how lucky I was to find such a grounding, compassionate and inspiring yoga teacher in London. I’ve just relocated to Beijing and my Yoga with Olivia classes are one of the first things I’m missing (after my mum and M&S). Olivia teaches in a way that makes it accessible for everyone - when I joined her class I knew absolutely nothing about yoga - but I now have a solid understanding of physical alignment and generally the way my own body moves! As I got to grips with my quirks (the things I can and can’t do) - Olivia gently pushed me to develop, always knowing when I was capable of doing a new pose before I realised it myself. It’s not just me either - I’ve recommended Olivia to a few friends who always comment on how welcoming and accommodating Olivia’s classes are - if she hears you’re running a marathon, you’ve a stiff neck from a late night at work, or a dodgy knee, there’ll be yoga tailored for you in that class. Thank you for the last couple of years, Olivia. You’re a game-changer of a teacher.
— Abbie Y
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Olivia is a fantastic teacher, and also a genuinely lovely person (which I feel is important when you’re listening to someone talk at you for an hour or more). Her directions are clear and precise so you’re not looking up to check you’re doing the right thing, and she’s very observant, constantly checking you’re positioning. Her classes are truly for all levels, and although you’ve worked hard you’ll somehow come out relaxed. The classes are stand alone, but if you attend regularly it is more of a course moving though different focuses which I love, adding new techniques every week to get more from each pose as you progress, as well as exploring new ones. She also runs retreats which are really well organised, in beautiful locations, with great company, and worth every penny.
— Lizzie W.
Olivia is an excellent teacher. Her classes are energising and fun. I also really like the meditation at the end, it leaves me feeling very relaxed and centered. I have hypermobile joints which mean I can sometimes over-extend in yoga poses and am prone to hurting my back. She lets you know how far to go in a pose if you have injuries/weaknesses, which is really helpful. She also pays individual attention to people in the class. She will re-position you to help you get that extra boost from a pose and has helpfully re-positioned me when I’ve over-extended. Highly recommended!
— Ellie C
I now consider these two classes as essential parts of my week. They can be challenging or chilled depending on how I feel, and Olivia is a great teacher. I can’t recommend her highly enough!
— Ben G
Really love your class. I’ve been to a few over the years and yours has been by far the best in terms of atmosphere and actually feeling like I’m developing and engaging with the session, so thanks for creating such a fab environment!
— Courtney G
I had my first class with Olivia last week and it was just fab. What’s important to me is I like to feel like I’ve really worked out, but not feel too under pressure If I can’t do all the moves (as I’m a newbie). I liked the fact that Olivia came over (subtly) when I wasn’t doing things quite right and you don’t always get that from yoga teachers. It was a great work out & conveniently located near an amazing vegan restaurant too (you can’t go wrong with that) :)
— Nicola B
Relaxed, down to earth and welcoming. Class was challenging but with different options to suit different people. Left feeling like I’d had a workout but also surprisingly chilled out!
— Chris H
I love Olivia’s classes. She brings a deep focus on technique, which has really helped me to develop my practice in a physically safe and sustainable way by ensuring I have a solid base of fundamentals from which to build. Her warmth and humour, including her willingness to make fun of herself, also create a welcoming and emotionally safe environment in which to try new things without fear of failing. Plus, she has a great playlist!
— Anonymous online review
Love Olivia! She is honestly one of the best teachers you can find particularly if you want to work on your form in the postures. Her hints and tips to make sure you are maximising the benefits of the posture while preventing injury are something that is rare to find. Each month is tailored towards an area, progressing each week. This isn’t a class for people that are happy that their alignment isn’t great and want to lose themselves in their breath. If you want to gain strength and improve, this is the class for you!
— Anonymous online review

Reviews From Retreats

Olivia, I want to thank you. You are a really attentive host, it came across how genuinely you care and want us to have a good time. That made a big difference to my experience, especially since I came alone and didn’t know anyone. The group was lovely and I integrated very easily.

I hope to come to one of your workshops soon. Keep teaching the way you’re teaching!! You are your own USP, your yoga classes are really gentle yet effective and that’s down to how you talk us through them :)
— TP, 2019
Hi Olivia - I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the retreat! After a really busy period it was just the ticket and perfectly balanced in terms of yoga sessions, things to do and time to ourselves. You were also an incredible host and the sunset yoga was amazing!! I felt like I got a lot out of the sessions, all of which I’m hoping to remember in classes (although I’ll put my hands up to possibly being lazy and forgetting at times! ). FYI, also going to be booking in for me and a friend for the January London retreat day :)
— DP, 2019
I have been doing yoga for about 8 years and have been taught by many different teachers, but I can confidently say that Olivia is the one of the best yoga teachers I’ve ever had. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced yogi, she helps you develop your practice in a way that is mindful of your body shape, flexibility and strength. She also runs amazing yoga retreats, which I would highly recommend: beautiful locations, great food, and of course, challenging but calming yoga classes where each and every student learns so much about how they can improve their practice, whether that’s just getting their breathing right, finding an easier way to get to a full plank, or perfecting a handstand.
— DA, 2019
Desert yoga at sunset, Morocco

Desert yoga at sunset, Morocco

Where shall I start? Tears after the last morning of yoga, says it all. I had the most relaxing and memorable yoga retreat. The venue was spacious and perfectly located with amazing views! An idyllic place to relax with plenty of space to socialise. The freshly prepared and cooked foods and visits to the local village were highlights but best of all, I met, laughed and spent wonderful time with fun loving beautiful people. Thank you so much, Olivia.
— AA, 2019
I had a brilliant week away (oooh it’s been so hard to adjust coming back!). Having been on my share of retreats now I can say yours has pretty much been the most laid back one I’ve done so far (not that the others were anything crazy) and I think that was purely down to your very relaxed and no pressure attitude. Loved the yoga and the additional sessions were fun to do, regardless of ability etc. There was a good mix of free time and organised stuff, and the walks were a really nice surprise and a good thing to do during the day. The mix of people worked well too!
— KJ, 2018
I thought the yoga was great, the food was delicious, my room and the villa was absolutely delightful, and the company was lovely. Thank you for organising such a lovely week! It was much needed, massively relaxing, and I learnt loads too, as well as it being tons of fun.
— AM, 2018
Thanks for such a wonderful weekend away. It already feels so long ago! I enjoyed every part of it and thought it was very well structured in terms of timing of yoga/food times/free time and the types of yoga we did in the morning and evening. I liked that we did more advanced poses on the last day - I left with very well worked abs! Thanks and looking forward to the next one!
— LD, 2017
Thank you Olivia. Such a gorgeous weekend. Really enjoyed the yoga. Thank you for taking such good care of us!
— LS, 2017
The yoga was wonderful.... Food was really nice with the added bonus of being healthy. Massage was lovely too.
— DB, 2017
Thanks for a great weekend. I really enjoyed. Everyone was lovely and the yoga was perfect.
— JG, 2017
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