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revolved triangle or parivrtta trikonasana




revolved triangle or parivrtta trikonasana

Olivia Marley


There's a lot going on in this posture, revolved triangle or parivrtta trikonasana: flexibility in front leg to reach your arm down; in the outer hip of the front leg to turn towards it; in your back to be able to twist round. The list goes on! 

My main tip for this posture is to spend time getting your set up right before you try to move into it (although that probs goes for every other yoga pose too! 😂). 

- Stand at the front of your mat and take a step back with one (eg left) foot

- Then here's the key bit: you want your hips to be facing straight forward towards the front of your mat. The tendency will be for them to face to the side of the leg you stepped back with - here my left. If that happens to you there are two ways to make it easier to square your hips forward...

- Firstly, step your back foot nearer to the edge of your mat, so that your feet aren't one behind each other (they're more like hip width apart)

- Secondly, check your back foot isn't turning out to the side. If it is, turn it so that your toes are pointing to the top (for me here it's the top left) corner of your mat. Both of those should help you to turn your hips forward

- Once your foundation (ie legs and hips) is set, you'll have a more solid base to move on. On an inhale lift your chest, and as you exhale fold forward

- Move your front hip (here my right) a little towards the back of your mat. Inhale lengthen your spine forwards and as you exhale start to turn your chest towards your front leg

- Take your opposite hand (here my left) to the outside of your front leg. It doesn't matter if it reaches the floor, your ankle, your shin or the outside of your thigh

- As you inhale lengthen the top of your head forwards, and as you exhale turn your chest more. Once you feel stable enough reach your other hand up to the ceiling

- Come out on an inhale. Repeat in the other side 🌟