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Some lovely words from lovely people:

Olivia is an excellent teacher. Her classes are energising and fun. I also really like the meditation at the end, it leaves me feeling very relaxed and centered. I have hypermobile joints which mean I can sometimes over-extend in yoga poses and am prone to hurting my back. She lets you know how far to go in a pose if you have injuries/weaknesses, which is really helpful. She also pays individual attention to people in the class. She will re-position you to help you get that extra boost from a pose and has helpfully re-positioned me when I’ve over-extended. Highly recommended!
— Ellie C
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I now consider these two classes as essential parts of my week. They can be challenging or chilled depending on how I feel, and Olivia is a great teacher. I can’t recommend her highly enough!
— Ben G
Relaxed, mixed level yoga with great instruction. Ideal for all levels.
— Daniel B
I had my first class with Olivia last week and it was just fab. What’s important to me is I like to feel like I’ve really worked out, but not feel too under pressure If I can’t do all the moves (as I’m a newbie). I liked the fact that Olivia came over (subtly) when I wasn’t doing things quite right and you don’t always get that from yoga teachers. It was a great work out & conveniently located near an amazing vegan restaurant too (you can’t go wrong with that) :)
— Nicola B
Relaxed, down to earth and welcoming. Class was challenging but with different options to suit different people. Left feeling like I’d had a workout but also surprisingly chilled out!
— Chris H

Reviews From Retreats

Thanks for such a wonderful weekend away. It already feels so long ago! I enjoyed every part of it and thought it was very well structured in terms of timing of yoga/food times/free time and the types of yoga we did in the morning and evening. I liked that we did more advanced poses on the last day - I left with very well worked abs! Thanks and looking forward to the next one!
— LD, 2017
Thank you Olivia. Such a gorgeous weekend. Really enjoyed the yoga. Thank you for taking such good care of us!
— LS, 2017
The yoga was wonderful.... Food was really nice with the added bonus of being healthy. Massage was lovely too.
— DB, 2017
Thanks for a great weekend. I really enjoyed. Everyone was lovely and the yoga was perfect.
— JG, 2017
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