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About Yoga

What is Yoga?

Yoga focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to enhance both physical and mental wellbeing. It originated in India many hundreds of years ago, and has continually evolved towards the exercise form that is popular throughout the world today.

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Types of Yoga

There are many different schools of yoga. Each have different areas of emphasis, such as postural alignment or breathing techniques, and can be more or less physically strenuous. No style is necessarily better or more authentic than any other. Instead students should aim to choose a class appropriate to their fitness level and to what they want to get out of their practice. Each school of yoga uses the same basic postures, which in Sanskrit are called asanas (pronounced AH-sa-nahs).

What's Right For Me?

If you are unsure which type of yoga would be best for you, speak to a qualified and experienced teacher about what you are hoping to get out of your practice and they will be able to advise you. Drop us a line with any queries!

We offer different types of yoga classes to suit your needs. No matter your ability, Olivia's tailored teaching style is relaxed yet challenging for each individual.