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Anatomy for yoga workshops, London

Mudra Yoga, Stoke Newington

19 October and 16 November 2019

Your body is amazing. The more we learn about the human body, the more fascinating it becomes! These fun and accessible workshops are designed for anyone interested in how their hips or shoulders are put together, how they move, and how to keep them healthy through their yoga practice.

Each two hour workshop will be made up of about one hour of discussion, where we’ll use online 3D models and your own body to understand the basic anatomy of each area, and one hour of physical practice designed to help you to feel and understand what you’ve just been learning about. Expect to have fun, work hard, and leave with both a clearer understanding of how these major joints in your body work and how to adapt your yoga practice to suit your personal anatomy.

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These workshops are open to everyone except absolute beginners to yoga (including teachers, trainee teachers, and anyone at all with an interest in how their body works!). You don’t need any previous knowledge of anatomy - that’s what the workshops are for. We know that sometimes anatomy can seem a little dry or difficult to understand but Olivia’s approach to this subject is down to earth, light-hearted and accessible. Each workshop will cover:


  • The structure of your hip joint and how it allows your hips to be both mobile and stable

  • The different muscle groups that cross your hip joints and what they do

  • How traditional yoga sequencing can take a relatively narrow approach to your hips, and how that can easily be remedied

  • How to avoid some of the common hip injuries that come up for flow yoga practitioners

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Shoulders: Saturday 16 November 2019

  • The structure of your shoulders and how they have evolved to be highly mobile

  • What this means for flow yoga practitioners (who spend a lot of time bearing weight on their upper body!)

  • How to avoid some of the common shoulder injuries that come up for flow yoga practitioners

  • Optimal shoulder alignment in common postures such as downward dog and chaturanga

These workshops can be attended individually or as a pair: they will complement and build on each other but also work well on their own. These workshops are open to anyone except complete beginners to yoga who has an interest in how their body works. You definitely don’t have to be a yoga teacher to attend, but if you do these workshops can count towards your Yoga Alliance continuing education requirements - Olivia is a registered continuing education provider for yoga teachers.


The details…

  • When? Saturday 19 October and Saturday 16 November, 2-4pm

  • Where? Mudra Yoga, 2D Shelford Place, London N169HS (just search for Mudra yoga in Google maps!)

  • How do I book? Click here to be taken to the Mudra Yoga website and click BOOK next to the listing for these workshops

  • I have a question - is there someone I can ask? Of course! Just send us a message here.